Advanced Presentation Skills - Dentons

This page describes our work on this Advanced Presentation Skills – Dentons. The Associates and Senior Associates in this mid sized law firm have all the necessary theoretical and practical legal knowledge. The challenges can be in conveying this in an interesting manner.


We worked with each individual in the session to develop their approach to become more engaging. This can mean changes in the content of the presentation, changing the way content is presented, and in modifying communication skills. In this way the training was tailored to suit the needs of each participant.


To develop the participants’ skills to a higher level for presenting both internally and externally. This meant presenting to both colleagues an clients with confidence and engaging the audience.

Activity - Advanced Presentation Skills - Dentons

We used a blend of instruction, reviewing the basics, practice and discussion of how to apply ideas.

This is an informal but focussed session. Feedback is gained from the participants and trainer so that everyone has has the opportunity to improve in the workshop. The feedback is used by each participant to enhance their impact.

In between participant presentations, further content and ideas are introduced. Participants can see each other improve and are in no doubt about the power of the ideas reviewed.

There is regular discussion on the subject of each of the presentations and how best each can be communicated; what level of detail needs to be conveyed; what the slide should say, and the balance of information on the slide and that given by the presenter.


This Advanced Presentation Skills – Dentons gave every participant the opportunity to practise their approach, receive developmental feedback and improve their presentation skills.

Participant Feedback

“Really challenging, but I learnt a lot.”

“Very useful.”

“Loved the story telling element.”

Client Comment

“Excellent feedback from the session.”