Written Communication

Dating back to 2009, the firm reached an important milestone in 2014 when their two key partners decided to bring together their respective expertise and network. Over the years, LexField has built a team of professionals who are committed to client satisfaction and share the same passion for excellence. Inspired by Luxembourg’s architectural landscape, LexField has shaped its own identity and reflects a balance between tradition and modernity with one single aim – to go the extra mile for the client’s comfort.


Many lawyers are so focussed on their work and delivering for their clients, skill development can take a back seat. But investing in this can help the quality and speed of work.


Two skill areas had been identified for development; time management from the perspective of managing stress and a review of written communication.


We designed and delivered two workshop style interventions. This meant the participants were engaged and involved at every step. We invited each one to bring challenges into the session and work on these.

  • Introduction
  • What are the key qualities?
  • Effective written communication defined.
  • The risks of getting it wrong.
  • Who is going to read this document?
  • Adjusting the structure, content and language
    based on an assessment of the reader.
    Clear Aims
  • The objective of the document.
  • Options to achieve the objective.
  • Structure and content.
  • The importance of planning.
    Building Blocks
  • Paragraphs, sentences, words & phrases.
  • Making it clearer & more concise?
  • An explanation of the basics.
  • The importance of writing shorter sentences.
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
    Hints on Writing to Persuade.
  • Simple ways to make documents persuasive.
  • Structure of persuasive arguments.
  • Drafting PowerPoint presentations.
  • Key principles.
  • What to do, what not to do.
  • Workshop summary & actions.


Each participant completed the sessions with a series of personal actions to put into place.

Participant Feedback

“Thank you, very interesting session.”

“Good tips and ideas for me to put into practice.”

Client Comment

“The training with Mr. Chapman turned out to be very interesting. We particularly enjoyed his tailor-made approach : he adapted his ITD model to our particular needs and that was highly appreciated. Thanks to a pre-workshop activity, Mr. Chapman could – within a few hours only – cover both subjects thoroughly : Time & stress Management plus Written communication.  He gladly shared with us his extended knowledge and gave us some practical advice that we could easily put into practice afterwards.”