training for lawyers
The modern lawyer needs to be knowledgeable about the law but also have great people skills.

Training for lawyers

Training for lawyers needs to be relevant, concise and useful. It needs to be set in the context of their work. Our approach is to design training interventions which give lawyers clear ideas on how they might improve how they do their work. This is business skills, or sometimes called soft skills training, which can make all the difference to their daily work and ultimately their careers.

Training Courses

fee negotiation training
Fee Negotiation Training
Delegation skills for lawyers
Delegation Training
Networking formal events
Networking For Lawyers
presenting with impact virtually
Presenting with Impact Virtually
managing remote employees training
Managing Remote Employees
virtual project management training
Virtual Project Management
Leadership training
Leadership Training
management training
Management Training
Financial awareness training
Financial Awareness Training
Personality at work
Personality At Work
time management training for lawyers
Time Management Training
online coaching
Executive Coaching
negotiation skills training
Negotiation Training
Resilience Training
Resilience Training
Stress management training
Stress Management Training
Assertiveness training
Assertiveness Training
Handling Difficult Conversations Training
Difficult Conversations Training
people management training
People Management Training
Problem Solving Training
Problem Solving Training
presentation skills training
Presentation Skills Training
Taking Instructions Training
Taking Instructions Training
professional business communication
Professional Business Communication
working from home
Working From Home Time Management
Client conversion training
Client Conversion Training

Training for the rest of your firm

law firm training
Business Services Training

The ITD approach to developing training for lawyers

Our style is to start with the reality. You will only have the lawyers together for a few hours max. Maybe 2 or 3 hours. We research the subject thoroughly in the context of the lawyers’ work. For example, with management training we make sure we know the expectations of the firm and the practice area before we design the training. We need to make sure we understand what kind of managers the firm expects to develop. Delegation is often a development area, but we need to understand what the reality is in the firm. 


Practice areas

We’ve developed training for lawyers with the following practice areas as participants:

Levels of lawyers

We work with lawyers at all levels including:

Training courses for lawyers

You can see from the menu  that we have developed and delivered a wide variety of training for lawyers. Hopefully you will see what you’re looking for, but if not we are  always interested to develop new content. Please contact us for a conversaion on your needs.

Retreat workshops tend to be more relaxed but still need to be relevant and to the point

Tips for lawyers featured in our training for lawyers

We develop ideas and tips for lawyers in all of our courses and workshops. Here are some examples:

Presentation tips for lawyers

Sales tips for lawyers

Management tips for lawyers

Delegation tips for lawyers

Business development tips for lawyers

Networking tips for lawyers

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