Impact and Influence

Medium sized business based in London.


The finance team of this business have similar challenges to many finance departments; people in other departments not understanding the importance of the work the finance team does, or if they do, not translating this understanding in to actions. This in itself has an impact on invoicing, cash flow etc.


The training need was simple. To help the finance team develop their impact and influence when working with colleagues in different parts of the business, so that the latter would change their behaviour and deliver finance requirements in a more timely fashion.


We developed a programme of half day workshops with a blend of discussion, idea instruction and application to real situations. Each person developed their own plan of actions for their internal clients. The agenda included:

  • Developing assertive behaviours
  • Better understanding your target audience
  • Creating influencing strategies
  • Using nudge to influence

We followed up with the participants on their actions between workshops. Good practice and successes were therefore shared in the team.

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The main outcomes of this session were:

  • The team learnt the theories of developing impact and influencing other
  • They practiced their skills in the session
  • Ideas were implemented in real situations
  • Review and follow up ensured the team implemented their actions

Participant Feedback

“The programme helped me to develop my personal impact and improve how I work with other departments.”

“Gave me a new set of tools to work with other people.”

Client Comment

“The workshop was designed for our team and followed meetings with them and the manager, so it was tailored to our needs. For that reason it worked very well.”