Project Management Training in Dubai

International business with offices in UAE.


This international business has offices in Dubai where the training took place. The participants manage projects which touch their colleagues in Dubai as well as other offices.


The need for training was to help participants become more efficient, less reactive to events, improve planning and ultimately more profitable management of resources.
There was also a need to improve inter departmental working.


Discussed need with HR / Training.
o Draft solution was piloted based on the ITD project management model
o Roll out after successful pilot to all senior managers in support roles who had an influence over how projects are managed
o Participants brought into the training actual projects they had done, were doing or best of all were about to start
o During the training the processes and skills were applied by the participants to their projects and the benefits discussed
o Training groups were small and mixed departmentally – to allow for good quality detailed discussions


Training was very positively received by all participants. Programme of training extended. Projects better planned and medium term feedback in terms of application of ideas is excellent.

Participant Feedback

  • “I hadn’t realised the importance of informing those not involved but impacted by my projects.”
  • “it was excellent to see how important IT is in almost all of the projects reviewed.”

Client Comment

The approach was very thorough. The training has been tailored to our business and to the needs of the participants. We are very pleased with the result and we’ve all learnt a lot.