Osborne Clarke

Time management training

Osborne Clarke is an international legal practice headquartered in London, England with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the United States


We have worked with Osborne Clarke on a variety of programmes both for fee earners and business services. The new intake of lawyers require training both on black letter law and on the behaviours and business skills required to be a successful lawyer. This sesssion focussed on one part of the second area for development.


The specific needs for this module was to help lawyers with time recording and time management.


We started with a pre-course questionnaire which asked a number of time recording and time management questions. This helped engage the participants with the two parts of this subject prior to the classroom session.

The agenda covered the following areas:

Time Recording

  • Time recording principles.
  • Challenging situations.

Time Management

  • Self-awareness.
  • Starting the day.
  • Planning the day / week.
  • Prioritising and moving priorities.
  • Managing expectations.
  • Biorhythms.
  • Getting into good habits early.
  • Assertiveness; saying yes but negotiating when.
  • How to ask questions.
  • Personal actions.


The outcomes recorded in the post workshop evaluations included:

  • Better time management skills.
  • Better use of time. Practical ideas about how to maximise efficiency.
  • Time management skills.
  • Learnt key time management skills.
  • Overview of time management skills.
  • Other ideas to manage time effectively.
  • Motivate self to be more efficient.
  • A better understanding of how my time might be managed more effectively.
  • Hints and tips re time management.
  • New ideas to improve time management.
  • A few tips / suggestions.
  • Practical tips.
  • Tips on how to better manage time.

Participant Feedback

“One of the best sessions I have done.”

Client Comment

“We’ve had great feedback. The training goes down well.”