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Taking Witness Statements Training

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taking wirness stameents accurately is a key skill for a numner of practice areas in the firm. It can make a huge impact to a case, as to whether a case goes to court and what happens in court.


The need for the training was to help solicitors develop the skill of taking accurate witness statements that will hold up in court under scrutiny.


The course involves using a number of case studies and scnearios. We have written these and adapted them for each practice area. This gives the participants real life scenarios to deal with and practice with in the training.

The agenda for the training was structured as follows:

  • Introductions & Objectives.
  • What is a witness statement?
  • Purpose of witness statements.
  • Process of drafting.
  • Drafting a witness statement – personal development areas.
  • How to draft a witness statement.
  • The witness’s communication style.
  • Precision Model – 3 key frames; Outcomes, What if? Backtracking.
  • Language Patterns.
  • Modal operators of:
    Universal Quantifiers.
    Comparative Deletion.
  • Powerful Questions:
    Why? & What?
  • Defensiveness v Justification.
  • Listening skills.
  • Common Pitfalls.
  • Workshop Summary & Personal Actions.


Every participant leaves with a set of personal actions to implement.

Participant Feedback

“Excellent, informative, well delivered course.”

Client Comment

“We’ve been running this course with ITD for a number of years now and it always gets excellent feedback.”