Supervisor Skills

Business with offices in four cities in UK.


The role of supervisor / team leader was relatively new. Those selected for the role were facing daily challenges from their teams and in working across departments.


The workshop was designed to help those in a supervisory role with the key fundamentals. Covering a broad range of subject areas the workshop is based on the participants’ issues to give them ideas and strategies to help in specific situations.


We designed two half day workshops separated by 3 months to give the guys time to practice. The agenda including the following:

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • The Supervisors Role
  • Delegating Effectively and Fairly
  • Giving Motivational Feedback
  • Organising Effective Inductions
  • Training New Team Members
  • Motivation
  • Managing Difficult or Disruptive Staff
  • Personal Actions for Review in Next Session
  • Summary of Workshop


As a result of the programme the new supervisors learnt:

  • The key areas of responsibility of this role
  • Ideas on how to successfully delegate varying types of work to different types of people
  • How to give feedback
  • Ideas on motivating your team
  • Managing difficult or disruptive staff

Participant Feedback

“The training was excellent.”

Client Comment

“The training was designed precisely for our needs. The workshop style was perfect as it allowed for lots of discussion. The participant feedback was really good.”