Time Management for Lawyers

Houthoff is a long-established Netherlands based law firm, headquartered in the Netherlands. With 300 lawyers worldwide, Houthoff is one of the largest law firms in the Netherlands. Houthoff advises large international corporations on a boardroom level, assisting them in matters with a strategic impact.


Newly qualified lawyers and trainees are focussed on providing senior lawyers with a reliable and quality service. They want to demonstrate value and they are very hungry to learn the area of law of the practice area in which they are working. Time management doesn’t usually come high on their list of pressing things to talk about.

But the impact of their time management skills does. Working long hours, getting tasks done in the time given, not working every weekend, saying yes to work when they are already very busy are all issues they relate to.


The need for this time management training for lawyers was to equip them with the strategies and skills to manage their work efficienctly and effectively. The desired outcome was that they provide their internal and external clients with a high quality and cost efficient service.

We designed a three hour workshop style training module that would help achieve these objectives.


The workshop focussed on personal behaviours to help participants focus on the key issues for them to work on and improve.

  • Personality drivers of time management.
  • Working with your personality.
  • Working with the personalities of your colleagues and clients.
  • Behavioural habits; good and bad.
  • Biorythyms and the impact on your day.
  • Time management basics; To Do lists, Planning your day etc.
  • Working with others.
  • Taking instructions.
  • Asking questions.
  • Assertive behaviours.
  • Managing expectations.
  • Quality v Quantity.
  • Personal actions.


Each participant ended the session with 3 key actions to implement immediately.

Participant Feedback

“Great. I know what I need to do. Question is, will I do it.”

“Very inetersting self-reflective session.”

“I have got actions I can implement today!”

Client Comment

“Great training which does what we wanted it to do.”