Working with Multiple Lawyers

Wragge & Co LLP was a UK-headquartered international law firm providing a full range of legal services to UK and international clients. We worked with them over a number of years with both lawyers and business services.


The secretarial population in any law firm has to work with people who themselves are in highly stressful situations. Although the stress and pressure rise and fall, it is likely that one of the internal clents is going to be under pressure.


The need was to develop a training intervention which would help secretaries deal with the pressure of working with a number of lawyers.


The workshop covered a number of areas:

  • Participant challenges
  • Pressure defined.
  • Work Style Model part 1.
  • The perceptions of a person under pressure.
  • Psychology of handling change.
  • Assertive behaviours.
  • Index of service to customers.
  • Work Style Model part 2.
  • Scenarios.
  • Practice.
  • Personal Actions.


Each secretary left with a new way of looking at their work relationships. This included a number of personal actions.

Participant Feedback

“I’m going to deal with my lawyers in a more direct way.”

“I need to stop being submissive and try to be more assertive.”

Client Comment

“We’ve run this training for the entire secretarils group and it has gone down very well.”