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Most fee earners in a law firm know that networking is a part of the role, but few relish the idea. Training from an external provider can help develop the confidence to do more networking, if it is done in the correct way.


Networking means meeting new contacts, some of whom have the potential to become clients.

In many law firms, progression to a senior role requires lawyers to develop business within their practice area. To do this requires networking.

Some lawyers find networking easy and comfortable. Most do not. Many prefer doing anything but networking. Even time recording or invoicing is preferable.


This short session is a workshop where lawyers take a behavioural look at their need to network. It is a practical review of what you need to do and most importantly how to put a realistic action plan in place.

Behavioural science is key here. Why, when we know there is something we need to do, and it’s good for us, don’t we do it?

This workshop reviews the behaviours required and helps each participant create realistic actions with the best chance for implementation.

The session was delivered both in-person and virtually


Each participants left the training workshop with a specific action relevant for their development. These actions were followed by the trainer to offer further help as well as to see how things had progressed.

Participant Feedback

“Good morning, Martin. Thank you for presenting the Networking Training Workshop at CW this week. It was excellent and created a lot of conversation throughout the day with attendees and other colleagues. I attended a networking event last night at our offices, which was really successful.”

Client Comment

‘Based on the success of the pilot session, we have commissioned further sessions in different offices.’

This is the feedback page from one of the virtual sessions.

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