Financial awareness training
Financial awareness training session is dynamic, interactive and believe it or not, fun!

Financial Awareness Training can be fun!

Some Financial Awareness Training can be dull or it can be fun. But we’ve made it fun. We’ve done this by using our interactive business game. We also use quizzes and our delivery style is engaging. Participants on this training are always surprised and delighted with how good the session is.

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The need for financial awareness training

Financial awareness training is often needed for those people with budgetary responsibility. People get promoted based on their functional expertise, or people management skills. But then can find themselves in a new job where managing budgets is needed. Finance training helps those who do not have a finance background. It helps them to understand the fundamentals of finance. It explains why certain things matter and how to succeed at the finance part of the job. 

Managers with budget responsibility need to be aware of the impact of their budgeting. They also need to understand how their work fits into the wider organisation. This may be in better budgeting or accurate forecasts; it could be in the appreciation of accruals; or understanding balance sheets and income statements / profit and loss statements. The specific focus of your finance training depends on the organisational and individual needs. We will tailor it to your needs at no extra cost.

Which roles will benefit from finance training?

Our financial awareness training is designed for those managers who are not in the finance department. They typically have budgetary responsibility. They need to understand how the budgeting process works and the impact their team’s finance has on the wider organisation. Finance training gives participants the knowledge they need tailored to the context of their role.

Here’s some of the different roles that have attended our finance training:

Finance Training
Finance training from ITD focuses on your requirements

“Much more interesting and dynamic than we thought it was going to be.”

The ITD approach to finance training

The ITD approach to financial awareness training is to make it highly relevant and fun. Relevant by designing the training around the financial issues and technology in your business. Fun by making the mechanics engaging and lively.

Finance training at ITD is facilitated by consultants who not only have financial knowledge, but also a broad business background and a flair for training.

We use a variety of techniques including the ITD Finance board game, quizzes and an engaging style to bring the finance for non finance manager training to life.

We get consistently high feedback for this training, perhaps because we take a potentially dry subject and make the learning relevant and fun.

Typical challenges of people on our finance training

What you will learn from our finance training

This will depend on the specific goals you have for your finance training, but here are some typical learning outcomes:

Financial awareness training
ITD financial awareness training features a fun business game to get everyone involved

How will we tailor our financial awareness training to fit your needs?

We will discuss the business objectives for the training and then tailor the agenda to address these.

The sessions are designed around your organisation, so if you work on a monthly or quarterly cycle the training will mirror this.

We will use our finance business game to illustrate the key learning points you want the participants to get out of the finance for non finance managers training.

Finance training course overview

Our approach to financial awareness training is to make it engaging and fun whilst you learn. One of the most common comments during and after our finance training is something like ‘that was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.’

The session is structured around four quarters of a year.

Each quarter focuses on one or two key financial aspects such as Profit & Loss, budgeting, accruals or whatever you decide. Each quarter starts with an explanation of these elements. An example is used for illustration. There are questions and answers and then we have some examples for the participants to explore. After this we go into the business game.

Working in teams they must use what they have learnt in the quarter. They do this by applying their learning to the business simulation which might mean budgeting for the next quarter, or preparing a profit and loss statement on what they have achieved so far.

The following gives more detail on our approach to finance for non finance managers training, but please call us to discuss your specific needs

Pre-course activity

Duration and number of participants

This is designed as either a half or full day training session; we can adapt this to suit your needs.

The number of participants; 12 – 20.


This agenda is based on a one day finance training session. We can adapt this to suit your needs and the amount of time you want the training to last.

Post course activity

We send personal action reminders to the participants

finance training simulation game in action
Finance training simulation game in action with four teams

Participant comments

Why choose ITD for your financial awareness training?

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