negotiation skills training
Negotiation is a set of skills that can be learnt and developed.

Negotiation skills are used every day by many people at work. We negotiate every day when we make an agreement with a supplier; if we subscribe to a publication; when we book a venue; whenever we buy anything; and when we enter into a contract.

We negotiate internally and externally, with colleagues and suppliers. It is possible to develop negotiation skills to improve performance and the result. There are strategies we can use and tips we can develop.

We’ve seen participants of our training try the simplest of ideas and achieve great results.

Negotiation Skills Training - ROI

Our negotiation skills training is a very practical workshop, which has the opportunity to show a return on investment (ROI). If participants use any ideas from the training which have a positive impact financially, these can be recorded and measured against the investment in training.

Part of the training process is to get buy in from the participants to record the impact of the ideas they implement and then to share them. This can be done in a fairly simple way.

Roles we have worked with on Negotiation Skills

Pre-workshop activity

Participants complete a short questionnaire which helps guide the content of the session. This explores the kind of stuations they negotiate in, as well the typical challenges they face.

Negotiation Skills Workshop agenda

  • Introduction, objectives & ROI.
  • Participant experiences & challenges of negotiating contracts.
  • What is negotiable?
  • When do we negotiate & what are the opportunities to negotiate?
  • What can negotiation achieve?
  • Pre workshop task – Contract analysis opportunities & what’s missing!
  • Setting the objective.
  • Their perspective.
  • Value analysis & competitor analysis.
  • Power of Personality in negotiations.
  • Your internal client’s perspectives.
  • Contract negotiating specifics.
  • Contract review & clause reviews.
  • Strategic options.
  • Negotiating tactics.
  • Negotiation practice.
  • Workshop summary & personal actions.

Post workshop activity

We offer a variety of choices in follow up on our training. This includes sending an email reminder of the participants actions, organising a follow up conference call and online training materials through itdLIVE.

WhatsApp WorkCoach

WhatsApp WorkCoach gives the participants ongoing access to the training consultant.

Drive Negotiation Skills Training - spider diagram

We use the DRIVE creative framework to explain the different elements of negotiation skills. It gives participants a simple way to look and develop their approach.

DRIVE gives a simple framework to plan your negotiations

Negotiation Skills Training - case studies

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