courses for lawyers

Courses for Lawyers

Our training courses for lawyers are designed for specific levels of lawyer. The courses range from partner courses to senior associates, associates and trainees. Each course is designed to help lawyers reflect and improve on how they do their work.


Each course is tailored to suit the level of the participants. So, for example, our delegation skills for lawyers training course is tailored for Partners, and is different from the delegation course delivered for Associates. The participants are engaged and involved right from the start. Just check out our reviews to see what lawyers and participants say about our courses.


The duration of each course is tailored to your needs. A training course can be anything from 60 minutes to three hours long. Our experience tells us that the longer we make a course, the less chance we have for lawyers to attend. It’s generally a fact of working with law firms, so we tailor the duration to what you think is right for your firm.


The specific agenda for each course is tailored to the participants’ needs. We will propose an outline agenda and then discuss this with you to explore where you want to focus. This means you get the course you need for your lawyers. You can see more details of the specific course agendas in the course links below.


All of our courses for lawyers result in participants leaving with specific actions on the subject. We explore the subject, illustrate it with examples, apply it to the participants’ context and discuss the impact. Take a look at the reviews for participants’ and clients’ feedback.


Whether we do any pre-workshop activity depends on what you think the lawyers will engage with. We can offer a variety of options, from our work style model questionnaire, to our pre-workshop questions which help us to design the content of a course.

Post workshop

Each participant receives a pdf copy of the presentation used in the training, plus email access to the trainer for follow up questions. There is also the option for specific feedback and the possibility of coaching follow up.

Client Reviews

Here are a couple of recent client reviews. In both cases we designed specific training sessions tailored to their needs.

Martin has delivered a couple of communication based training sessions for our teams now and the personality at work session for a large group of senior solicitors as part of their annual development conference – all sessions have been fantastic! Each workshop has been tailored according to our needs and the feedback has been excellent. Helen

Martin produced and provided an absolutely excellent session for our new Partner intake a few weeks ago. It focused on the financial fundamentals that new Partners would need to know as they move into the Partner role. The half day session received excellent feedback from all attendees – 9 in total. They really liked Martin’s style and found him really knowledgeable and engaging. They found the session itself extremely useful. They said the content was interesting, relevant, informative and delivery was well paced. Martin himself was really good to deal with. We wanted a number of elements of the session bespoked for our particular needs and he was more than happy to do so.

Courses for Lawyers

Here are some of the courses for lawyers we have designed and delivered for our law firm clients.


Financial awareness training
Finance Training for Partners
Negotiating Fees
Fee Negotiation Training
Delegation skills for lawyers
Delegation Skills Training
management training
Management Training

Senior Associates

How to do more networking
Networking for Lawyers
nudge training for lawyers
Nudge Training for Lawyers
Personality at work
Personality at Work Training
negotiation skills training
Negotiation Skills Training


presentation skills training
Presentation Skills Training
time management training for lawyers
Time Management Training
working from home
Working From Home Time Management
Stress management training
Stress Management Training


presenting with impact virtually
Presenting with Impact Virtually
Taking Instructions Training
Taking Instructions Training
Problem Solving Training
Problem Solving Training
Resilience Training
Resilience Training

More details of our Courses for Lawyers

training courses for lawyers

In-person or virtual

Each one of our courses for lawyers can be delivered in-person, virtually, or hybrid. Some subjects lend themselves to having more impact when delivered in-person, such as presentation skills. But virtual presentations skills training works better when delivered virtually. 

Number of Participants

Groups of twelve participants works well as it is fairly cost efficient and allows each person to interact with the trainer. But if you need larger groups, we can and do accommodate this. We’ve successfully trained groups of up to 100 and 150 participants.

Tailoring the training to your needs

We tailor our course for lawyers to the needs of your firm and your lawyers. We do this through conversations to tailor the case studies and examples used, as well as the content and focus of the training agenda.

Next steps

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Case Studies

Here are a few example case studies of our courses for lawyers at different law firms. To see a full list of case studies go to ITD Case Studies.

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Finance Training for Partners
Reed Smith
Delegation Skills for Associates
Trilegal logo
Personality & Communication at Work
Clifford Chance logo for website
Professional Business Communication
Delegation Skills Training
One to One Coaching
Fee Negotiation Training
Dentons logo
Personality at Work Training


Excellent and engaging session

Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 17, 2024

Martin’s session on “presenting with impact virtually” was extremely well structured and engaging, and appears to have something for everyone irrespective of where they are on their presentation journey!

Ayush Vijayvargiya

Interactive workshop on assertiveness

Rated 4.0 out of 5
June 10, 2024

The workshop was well structured, interactive and informing. Especially helpful when discussing how your circadian rhythm impacts our energy levels and organising your work load around that.


Clifford Chance Professional Business Communication training with Martin Chapman

Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 10, 2024

Martin delivered a very interactive and fun professional business communication session. It was very interesting and it helped me to gain new skills in communication.


Martin does it again - absolutely great workshop on delegation skills.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 10, 2024

I attended Martin Chapman’s 1.5 hour workshop on delegation skills on 6.6.2024. He does not fail to impress. Martin’s workshops are methodical, easy to understand, very team-focused (as I was attending with some of my colleagues), and encouraging.

Reshad Forbes

Time Management Training

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 31, 2024

Martin is an expert in his field and is able to get across the key takeaways in a very clear manner. Martin manages to keep presentations interesting and interactive.


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