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Welcome to the Self Assessment / ITD Work Styles Questionnaire.

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1. You get impatient if a meeting goes off the agenda.
2. You need to be accurate and precise.
3. You enjoy making good friends in the office.
4. You want meetings to start on time and finish on time.
5. You like to give tasks the time they deserve and to reflect on the result.
6. Your enthusiasm for a piece of work can decrease over time.
7. You are a good team player and supportive of others.
8. You prefer to be given clear and concise instructions.
9. You like to gather all the information before making a decision.
10. You like to tick things off your To Do list and get things done.
11. Your are enthusiastic with work and with people.
12. You don’t like other people to rush you.
13. You make decisions quickly and easily.
14. You like working in teams, or with colleagues.
15. You do not like confrontation and will often avoid it.
16. You sometimes start a new task before finishing the last one.
17. When briefed on a new task, you like to get the big picture with not too much detail.
18. When you get a new task you start it quickly.
19. You prefer to reflect and consider a point before giving your opinion.
20. You prefer sending and receiving emails which are short and to the point.
21. You are good at seeing the implications of a possible action.
22. You like to get to know new people.
23. You enjoy getting new tasks or projects.
24. You particularly admire people with proven knowledge.
25. You are driven to achieve objectives.
26. To help others, you sometimes say yes to new work even though you are already very busy.
27. You can be creative about your work and like to solve challenges.
28. You can be pedantic with grammar in documents and emails.
29. You don’t like people to miss deadlines.
30. If it means the work is done correctly, you don't mind putting in extra effort.
31. You like to check and re-check work for accuracy.
32. Sometimes you try to find new ways of doing things which already work very well.
33. When you’re busy on work you don’t want to chat.
34. You notice when something is not quite right with a colleague.
35. When starting meetings you first like to have a catch up chat.
36. Whilst you have ideas, you do not always think them through in detail.
37. You are good at noticing people’s feelings.
38. If somebody is angry, your first thought can be, ‘what have I done wrong?'
39. Sometimes you change something just for the sake of change.
40. You can find it a challenge to delegate when people don’t have your standards.
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