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Walking the talk is not an option.

A common maxim in management & leadership is that you must walk the talk. That is, don’t just tell people what to do, do it yourself.

This is often explored as a choice. It is not.

Whatever way you walk they will follow. Whatever you do they will take as being the norm, or required behaviour. Positive or negative. You tell them not to be late for meetings, but you’re late for meetings, they will take it that it is in fact ok to get to meeting late. You tell them that you want a positive can do attitude, and then you start looking to blame someone when something bad happens, they will do the same. You stay positive in the face of adversity they will try to emulate this. You arrive in time for every meeting every time, they will follow. It’s up to you.

Whatever way you walk they will follow. If your talk doesn’t match your walk then you will be considered a hypocrite and a poor leader. Your credibility will reduce. They will take what you say with a pinch of salt.

So there is no choice, you have to talk the walk.

Walking the talk is not an option

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