Sales planningTop tip for lawyers needing to do more business development.

Most lawyers find db towards the bottom of their to do list. Few lawyers decided on a career in law to develop and exercise their sales skills.

As you develop your career there is a requirement to do more bd in order to grow your contacts and network, with the idea that this will lead to your own client base and hopefully partnership.

So what can you do?

One good tip is to develop the habit of doing more bd every week. In order to do this you can decide on your own action but good examples include; do 20 min bd at the start of every day; do the same at the end of every day; dedicate one or two hours every Friday to bd; Do one hour on Monday morning before it gets hectic; put a reminder in your outlook calendar that screams, do your bd now!

Whatever you decide the idea is to create a new routine or habit which eventually you will just do without thinking.


Top tip for lawyers needing to do more business development

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