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Managing change – tip on making it easier to change.

Whenever there is significant change to implement in a team, a department, or an organisation, we are told to plan it carefully, think of the reactions and prepare for all scenarios. But we know that some people are just not that good at change, so what can we do.

One of the short answers is to create a culture of change. In other words create a culture that is always preparing its people for change. We don’t know what that change will be, but we know there will be change.

In team meetings the leader can emphasis when change happens, make comments about what has changed, especially when those less keen on any change, make a change themselves. There may be changes in people, price updates, product updates, market updates, all relating to change. In this way you are subconsciously creating a culture of change.

To be more overt you can state your aim that you want create a culture of change. You can ask for their opinions on why this might be a good idea and what changes they can expect.

Either way, if we underline any change, and the fact that change is happening all the time, when it comes instigating your new change your people might be that much more positive about it, because you’ve created a change culture.

Managing change – tip on making it easier to introduce change
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