BD for lawyers – the first 20 minutes
How can we ensure more lawyers, do more BD every week?
Make it the norm. Make it an expectation. What if in your firm every lawyer spent the first 20 minutes of every day doing BD. it could be anything from updating their contacts in your database; adding contacts to be invited to the next practice area BD event; sending an email to follow up a contact met at a BD event; looking at google alerts for their prospect’s organisation.
Imagine if all your lawyers did 20 mins every day. In a practice area of just 20 people that would be 400 minutes or 6 hours 40 minutes a day; 2400 minutes a week or 40 hours a week. 40 hours of BD a week! That must have an impact.
The first 20 minutes of every day could change the fortunes of a practice area, or a firm.

BD for Lawyers – the first 20 minutes
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