For those of us who have analytical behavioural traits, delegating can be a challenge when we are a manager.

Delegation can mean passing the work on to a colleague or member of your team, allowing them to do the work in a different way, approaching the activity in their way and completing the work to what they see as the required standard. All these elements can be real challenge for the analytical mind.

The analytical mind want to control, it wants to do things in a certain way, and standards of quality are vital. So letting go and delegating can be very counter intuitive.
So what do we do? First recognise that these forces are in play when we prepare to delegate. Saying to ourselves,’I am going to struggle with letting go’, can be helpful in raising the issue to out conscious minds. Then we can make sure what we say in delegating the work is appropriate, as well as how we follow up.

Discussing the work in some detail with the colleague can help, as well as setting clear expectations and agreeing how they will measure the quality of work.

Delegtaing when an analytical can be challenging but it is not insurmountable.

Delegation can be a challenge for analytical managers
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