We can see people have different work styles. Some are very chatty whilst they work and enjoy collaborating with colleagues (Social). Some like to try new things, welcome change and enjoy variety in their work (Conceptual). Some like to get things done and are very results focused (Direct). Others are driven by quality and making sure things are done properly (Analytical). Many people have elements from all of these styles.
The analytical work style includes the following behavioural traits; checking things; correcting errors; referring to protocols, rules and policies; insecurity with change; driven to get things absolutely right; making the right choices; not making quick decisions; preparing fully; planning meticulously; taking things one step at a time.
How do we work with people who have analytical traits? Like other styles we put effort into understanding their ways of looking at things. We anticipate their reactions. And we plan how to work with them.
If we have change for them, we let them know in good time for them to consider it. And we explain it in depth with rationale and logic.
If we have a piece of work for them we need to give a full briefing.
If we are reporting to them we must expect their questions and corrections. They may well find delegating difficult as they feel for things to be done properly, they should do things themselves.
Those with anayltical traits are great to work with because they are driven by quality, and a good working relationship is based on respect for that.

Working with different work styles – Analytical

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