Kingsley Napley

One to One Career Coaching

Kingsley Napley is an internationally recognised law firm based in Central London.

They support individuals and businesses in resolving conflict, safeguarding their futures and maximising opportunities. Their wide range of expertise means that they can provide support for clients in all areas of their business and private life. Many of their lawyers are leaders in their field and the practice areas are highly ranked by the legal directories.


Poeple working in law firms, both lawyers, or fee earners as they are called, and business services, sometimes have challenges which benefit from one to one coaching. One to one conversations can help an individual find the right path, simply thorugh asking questions and discussion.


In this case the person was in the business services group. They had reached a senior position in their department. Their director thought it could be a good ideas to set up coaching conversations to aid the person’s development.


We orgnaised a series of three ‘Walk & Talk’ sessions. This simply means meeting at the office and then walkng for an hour or more whilst discussing the topic chosen. We discussed career progression, alternatives as well as personal values and ambitions.


The primary outsome was a very opne and honste discussion about what this person really wanted from their working life and their ambitions. It became evident that their values and core beliefs were really important to them, especially at this stage in their career, and needed to be reflected in the work they did. This led on to a decision to leave the organisation to explore new opportunities.


The feedback from the organisation and the person was equally glowing. They both appreciated the clarification the one to one coaching achieved.

“We had a series of walk and talk sessions. This format worked really well because I felt that we could talk openly as we walked by the river and stopped for a coffee. It gave me clarity on where I was and what my next move should be.”