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Communicating as a manager is a distinct skill with its own challenges and requirements. As a manager or team leader you are always being watched by your team and others. Every word, every message, every nuance matters. How you deal with very specific and sensitive situations is vital. More than most positions it is so easy to get communication wrong or at least not quite right.


This session was both a training and coaching intervention. This means ideas were introduced in a training style, and then applied to specific situations in a discussion and coaching style. The specific need was to help with certain situations and show how models and strategies could help.


A three hour virtual session was designed around these specific situations. Starting with a potentially challenging situation ideas were then introduced and reviewed.

The agenda was as follows.

  • Challenging manager situations.
  • Context of these challenges.
  • Impact of personality.
  • How words matter.
  • Cultural impacts.
  • Different perspectives on the same situation.
  • Building constructive relationships.
  • Is a process required?
  • Unscrambling situations.
  • Word choice.
  • Personal actions.



The participant completed the session with clear actions to implement for specific situations.

Participant Feedback

“Thank you, very good session.”

Client Comment

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