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Personal Efficiency Coaching


OAS specialise in getting the most from advanced materials. Too often incompatibility issues arise when components need to be bonded or coated, especially for many plastics, composites and carbon-based materials.

Onto™ surface treatments are a unique and practical way of removing the need for sanding and abrasion in surface preparation, modifying the surface in seconds to introduce activity to the most inert surfaces and removing a barrier to innovation.

The business enquired about our personal efficiency training for one key individual.


The need was to help with ideas on how to develop personal efficiency.


The coaching session covered a lot of ground on personal efficiency. The benefit of a coaching session is that the focus can be individual. 

The agenda included:

  • Personal objectives.
  • Challenges to focus on in personal efficiency.
  • Personality drivers of time management.
  • Barriers to behavioural change.
  • Behavioural change action planning tool.
  • Personal role objectives.
  • Managing emails.
  • Managing work load.
  • Prioritisation.
  • Managing interruptions.
  • Personal actions


This is an example of the actions from the session:

  1. Make a plan for the next day at the end of every day (spend 10 mins)
  2. Turn off “pinger” in Outlook
  3. Finish a task before looking at new emails/taking on other tasks
  4. Review these changes each week.

Participant Feedback

“Thank you for the session. Lots of food for thought.”