Are you a natural Leader or Manager?
The are many definition of leadership and management, but let’s use the following definitions; that a leader likes to set the culture or environment in which people can thrive, whereas a manager prefers to deal with the day to day issues, on a much more hands on basis.
A natural leader wants to delegate, a natural manager wants to get stuck in. A natural leader wants to create a specific culture in which people can achieve their goals, a natural manager wants to set performance targets and KPIs. A leader will behave like they want others to behave, a manager will set rules for behaviour.
Both are good, but they are different. Identifying where we are is helpful in that it can then define where we need to develop and where our natural tendencies lie. This is only one definition and shows that the two have blurred edges. But it is useful to see where our preferences lie as a platform for development.

Are you a natural leader or manager?
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