A person with a direct work style, or some of the direct behavioural traits, can be one of the most challenging to work with. They are characterised by; focus on getting things done, impatience in meetings, disinterest in chit chat, quick decision making and a determination to get things done quickly. So how do we work with directs?
The best tip in working with direct clients, whether internal or external, is to mirror them. Mirroring is the idea that people like working with people like themselves, so if we behave like them, they will tend to find it comfortable to work with us. By reflecting their work style we are playing to this instinct.
In communication we can mirror by reflecting their email style, usually short and to the point. We can keep our verbal communication to the point by preparing and making sure we know what we are going to say.
When trying to influence, beside preparing our arguments, we can also put our point with logic and rational. The direct person will change their mind as long as it makes sense to do so. We can also put questions to them with choices, rather than try to tell them what to do.
As with many people, mirroring works well with direct clients or colleagues.

Working with different styles – Direct

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