Know History

Director Level Personal Efficiency Training

This case study describes our work with Know History and our Director Level Personal Efficiency Training.

Since 2011, Know History has provided a range of historical services to assist in the research, presentation and documentation of Canada’s history. With offices in Ottawa and Calgary and associates located throughout the country, they have had the privilege of working alongside policymakers, museums, filmmakers, Indigenous organizations and individuals to make history relevant.

At Know History they have the experience necessary to deliver top-quality historical services, but they have something else too, a passion for what they do. Their trained historians are genuinely interested in helping people connect with the past and discover history’s impact on the present and future.


Know History is a successful and growing orgnisation in Canada. The Director level role involves achieving objectives through teams as well as personal work.

As organisations grow the estbalished way of working and decision making can often not work so well. The challenges include letting go, delegating and personal organisation.


The specific need of this Director Level Personal Efficiency Training was to give each participant specific tools to help achieve their objectives through improved use of time.


The pre-work on this session is a key part of the process. It gives each participant a clearer idea of what they need to do to take more effective control of their time.

Two virtual workshops were developed. Each one is blend of training and coaching. At every step in the process each particpant has the chance to develop their thinking and use the ideas presented to work on their challenges.

The Part 1 agenda incuded:

  • Personal efficiency challenges & observations from pre-work.
  • Why New Years’ Resolutions don’t happen.
  • Habits.
  • Personality drivers of Personal Organisation.
  • Working with Others.
  • Personal Actions.


At the close of Part 1 each participant drafted a specific and personal set of actions. At least one of these is to be attempted between Part 1 and Part 2, for review in Part 2. the particpants can contact the trainer in between the sessions, for coaching and further ideas with their behavioural change.

Participant Feedback

TBA after Part 2.

Client Comment

TBA after Part 2.