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Personal Efficiency Public Training Course

Our personal efficiency course is a great way to get ideas on how to imprve your time management from an experienced trainer.

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Personal Efficiency Course - Agenda

Pre course

ITD Work Style Model – This is our personality model which has been designed to be easy to complete and simple to apply. You are asked to complete this prior to the training.

Activity Recording – This course is based on behavioural change theory to get to the underlying causes of our time management challenges. Behavioural change research tells us that the more you understand a behaviour the better able you will be to form an effective action to change it. For this reason, we ask you to complete 2 days of activity recording. This means making a note of your work activities over at least a couple of days. You can do this under the categories of email, calls, video calls, writing documents, or whatever makes sense as your main work activities.

You will use both of these pre course activities in the training. They will really help you to reflect on the core issues affecting your effective use of time.

Activity recording results

You start by reflecting and sharing your observations from your activity recording. This is to enhance your insight on the challenges and behaviours you would like to change.

Current behaviour

We help you to define your current behaviours very specifically, in terms of the impact on time management. So this could be challenges with interruptions and not being able to focus on project work; it could be about the number of emails you have to deal with; equally it might be the number of meetings (virtual or actual) you have to attend; or it might be any number of other issues. From each challenge we explore the impact on your day and personal efficiency.

Personality drivers

Using the ITD work styles model we give you ideas on the typical personality drivers you might have. These have an impact on how everyone goes about their work, but they vary depending on your personality. These will give insight into the personality drivers of some of your time management challenges.

Underlying issues

We give you ideas on what might be the underlying issues beneath the behaviour you want to change. This is for you to decide on, based on our suggestions and experience of people with similar challenges.

Change required

Next you define the change you would like to make. We work with you to make this as specific as possible. The more precise and detailed it is, the better the chance you have of implementing it.

ITD behavioural change action planning tool

Working with our behavoural scientist and based on years of experience we have developed our behavioural change action planning tool. You use this to work through the change you would like to make. As you progress you gain a realistic view of how the change might take place. You end up with an action which has the best chance of being implemented.

Personal efficiency strategies

Our personal efficiency strategies are big ideas for changing the way you look at your time management challenges. These structural changes to your day can have a profound impact. It’s up to you whether you think any of these ideas are practical for you and if you are politically able to make the changes suggested.

Personal efficiency tips

The training covers a range of personal efficiency tips which are more detailed and smaller than the strategies. But they won’t always be easy. These are based on our years of experience and again you decide which tips you feel are appropriate for your circumstances.

Personal actions

We end the session with each person defining the change they are going to immediately  follow up on.

If you're not sure how to improve your time management, this is the course for you

Participant feedback


Do I have to share all the details from my pre-course work?

No, it’s up to you if you feel comfortable to do this. But if you do the training consultant will be more able to give you specific ideas.

Can I change the date, once I’ve booked?

Yes, just send us an email prior to the training with your preferred alternative.

Will I get time management ideas?

Yes, but the assumption is that you will already know basic time management techniques.

Your actions are based on your personality and behaviours

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The cost of this personal efficiency course is £80.


The training session is three hours long with 5 minute breaks on the hour.

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