virtual leadership training

Virtual Leadership Training

Our virtual leadership training gives you practical strategies and ideas on how to improve your presence on video calls. As a result you will improve your impact and inspire confidence in your team.

The session is dynamic with participants involved from the start. This means you will be discussing how ideas apply to you and how you can develop your approach.

Developing the skill of leadership in virtual communication

This virtual leadership training will help you develop your skills. We do this by giving you a framework of ideas on the key elements that create impact. We then encourage you to review your skills against our leadership checklist. This means you finish the session with clear actions to implement.

Our virtual leadership training is practical and effective.

Training Agenda

The following is an overview of the training agenda, which can be adapted to suit your needs and the emphasis you require. This means you get the training you need. 


We start the virtual leadership training by reviewing your challenges. This means we ensure the training is tailored to the needs of all of the participants.

Impact & Presence

Working in the virtual world means a whole new set of elements are important if a leader is to project the right sort of presence online. We have broken this down into small ideas that can make a big difference. Our approach is similar to the marginal gains approach. Looking at these small details means you can review your approach and identify areas to fine tune your virtual communication skills.


The importance of voice is emphasised when communicating in video calls, because body language is so limited. We take a look at the voice and give you ideas on how to improve in areas including speed, clarity and emphasis. In this way you get immediate feedback and coaching on your approach.


How we look on video calls is part of the overall impact we have. For leaders this is of particular importance. That’s why we go into detail about how to give the messages you want to give, through your video, with a set of guidelines for all taking part.

Getting and keeping your team engaged

Getting an keeping your audience engaged is vital in any video call, but in a leadership role it is essential. That’s why we focus on this area and make sure you are equiped with tools to achieve audience engagement.

Leading virtual video calls

How a video call is lead can have a big impact on its effectiveness. For this reason we cover how to organise and chair any online meeting.

Individual input & feedback

During the session, as a participant, you can receive individual input and feedack. You get this through feedback on the areas above and by practising the points made with the voice and video. This means you have the opportunity to change your impact immediately.

Personal actions

Each participant ends the training with a number of specific personal actions. This means there is a good chance you will implement these in your next video calls.

Our training is supported with access to our video learning portal

All participants of our training have access to itdLIVE, our video learning portal. This contains 90+ videos on Presenting with Impact including Virtually. Which means the learning from the virtual session is supported afterwards.

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