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Culture leadership training is more important then ever as organisations get to understand the importance of culture. The culture exists. We choose whether to manage it, or let it develop organically. If there are challenges in your team or organisation, it is possible that the culture is to blame. The culture can be positive or negative. Culture encourages to try even harder, or it can lead people not to bother. Culture can lead people to try extra hard or not to try at all. This training workshop helps leaders plan how they can take control of their culture.

Culture leadership training helps leaders realise the power of their organisational culture and how to harness and direct that power. The culture of every organisation and team is its spirit, determining their reactions to events. Every organisation has a culture. Every team has a culture. If we ask people about the culture, they will often look confused, not understanding the question. But if we ask an employee, “tell me about what it’s like to work here?” they will tell you about the culture. The culture is the spirit, or belief system and attitudes of the organisation.

Culture leadership training at ITD

At ITD we have been talking about culture leadership training for many years. Where clients have seen the power of their culture and have worked on it, their work has made a huge impact. With changes in culture and skills training, one client went from a position of no realistic chance of achieving their target, to blowing that target away by 136%.

What is culture leadership training?

Culture leadership training helps leaders explore the power of their organisational culture. Some still believe that the best way to lead a culture is to tell everyone what to do and how to do it. The more enlightened realise that creating a positive culture can create a dynamic, high performance, problem solving culture. This training helps leaders realise the differences in culture and then to make their own choice.

Culture leadership training agenda

Training follow up

Learning outcomes

Why choose ITD for your culture leadership training

Case Study


The finance team of this Biotech company based in Cambridge. We have worked with this finance team on a number of occasions through the years.

This is a team of highly able and dedicated individuals who have worked together for some time. One of the big challenges they faced was with the change that occurs when services are centralised and teams break up.


The finance team had been through a major change programme focused on moving part of their function to a central services function in a different country. This meant a break up of the team and some distress. With the completion of this process, the team needed to rebuild.


The Director recognised the need for an activity which would help the team move on from the enforced change they had experienced. He wanted them to draw a line on the past challenges and focus on the future. But he also wanted them to have fun and start to think of themselves as a new team.


We put together a mix of facilitated sessions with a blend of discussion, fun activities and team working which all pointed to the future. This was a 2 day session based in a boutique hotel in London.

  • What are we going to say goodbye to?
  • What is exciting about the future?
  • How can we show the future visually – create a TV advert?
  • How are going to support each other?

The session worked on the culture of this team. We did this with facilitated discussion with the whole team, small group work and lots of activities. The agenda was dynamic because we couldn’t be sure how they would react at each stage. But in the end it worked very well and to be frank, we are amazed by what the team has done.  


The main outcomes of this session were:

  • The team said goodbye to the past and embraced the future.
  • The team created not just a new culture but an entire identity for their team.
  • The energy that was produced during and following the session created an amazing atmosphere.
Participant Reviews

“This really exceeded my expectations. I feel like we’ve drawn a line and moved forward.”

“Very good use of time for the team to come together and focus on the future.”


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