Leadership coaching
Leadership coaching helps leaders implement their chosen style

When you become a leader you’re being watched. All the time. Watched by all of your team all of the time. Everything you do is scrutinised and interpreted.

And every action is reviewed to assess whether it is something they want to follow, or to avoid. Everything you do, they will interpret as an action to be followed.

If you ‘disappear’ into more meetings than usual they will interpret this as, ‘something is up!’

If you leave early, they will interpret this as being ok for them to do.

If you deal with difficult situations using anger, they may well do the same.

If you criticise organisational changes and initiatives, they will follow suit.

Whatever you do, they will take their lead from you.

So the main point here, is that if you decide to become a leader, from then on you have to make sure every action is one which underpins your desired leadership stance.

Leadership means you’re being watched

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