Personality awareness training

Personality awareness training is beneficial to everyone. The impact of personality in the work place is immense, from basic communication to influencing other and managing change. Why do some people seem so abrupt? Why do some people take a long time over a piece of work? Why do some people relish change but others avoid it and get very anxious about it. A lot of the answers lie in understanding personality.

What is personality awareness training?

Personality awareness training gives you a framework to understand personality. There are a wide variety of frameworks or models which do this, but they are all based on the same ideas developed by Carl Jung and his personality types. Training will help you to make sense of your personality and those of others.

Personality is very complex and behaviours which give insight to personality are affected by many factors; diet, pressure, hormones, weather etc. Training will give you a framework for developing an understanding of personality.


The ITD approach to personality awareness training

Our approach to personality awareness training uses  the ITD work style model. This is a personality model which is simple to understand and easy to apply.  No model can explain the entire complexity of personality, but this one gives enough to understand the dynamics at work. It gives you a set of tools to use in situations at work and therefore helps to improve understanding and performance.

Typical training needs of those on our personality awareness training

  • “I want to understand my personality and how this impacts at work.”
  • “I sometimes get into situations with colleagues which I would like to understand better and find ways to resolve.”
  • “It would be really interesting to understand the personalities in my team and understand how that impacts on how we work together.”
  • “As a t leader I want to get to know my team and understand them more.”


ITD’s unique behavioural change action implementation tool

Working with our behavioural scientist we have developed a unique approach to post training action implementation. This will give you the best opportunity for implementing the behavioural changes you decided on at the end of the personality awareness training. Based on a great deal of research, our approach is simple, robust and very easy to develop.

Previous participants on our personality awareness training

  • Sales people
  • Account managers
  • Lawyers
  • Partners
  • Finance team
  • Senior sales people
  • Managers
  • Receptionists
  • Telesales
  • Customer service
  • Directors

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Personality awareness training workshop details

This personality awareness training is very interesting and delivered in an interactive, lively and engaging style. Following introduction of the ITD work style model the session is focused on the questions and situations of the participants.

Who would benefit from this training?

Anyone in any role. It really is that relevant to anyone working with other people in whatever capacity.

How long is the training?

The length of the session can be tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation. We have run one hour taster sessions, but a full day gives a comprehensive look at personalities.

In which country can this training take place?

The ideas in this training are applicable to people anywhere. We have delivered this session in many countries and we’re available to travel wherever you are.

What are the venue requirements?

A typical training room with U shaped table layout is all that is required, which could be in your offices, in a hotel or other meeting facility.

Pre-workshop activity

Participants are asked to consider situations at work where they think personality may have played a part.

Training agenda

  • Introductions and objectives
  • What is personality?
  • How does personality express itself at work?
  • Self observations of personality
  • The ITD work style model
  • The four personality styles
  • Identifying your style and style mix
  • Evidence and observations of your style mix
  • Implications of each personality style on:
    • Communication; verbal, emails etc
    • Dress
    • Body language
    • Meetings
    • Decision making
    • Work quality
    • Time management
    • Team dynamics
    • Job / role choices
  • How to identify other people’s styles
  • The implications of other people’s styles
  • How to work with other styles
  • Adapting to other styles
  • Mirroring other styles
  • Influencing
  • Personal scenarios and situations
  • Personal action plans

Post workshop activity

Emails of individual actions are sent to each participant as a reminder, with one to one coaching available as an additional add on.

Personality awareness
Understanding personality can have huge impact on our success

Feedback from clients

  • “Very good feedback from participants.”
  • “We always get excellent feedback on this session.”

Feedback from participants

  • “Really interesting.”
  • “Very interesting.”
  • “The course description was right, it easy to understand and simple to apply.”
  • “Very useful in working with my team.”
  • “It was very interesting for me to see my personality and then to review this with the colleagues from my office. And to do the same for them. This will be very useful and we will use these new techniques right away.”
  • “Of course exploring personality just shows you how complex and unfathomable it is, but this model and the training gave us some practical and useful tips.
  • “Very good session, I am happy to recommend this training for our other offices.”





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Personality awareness training – case study


International law firm, with whom we have worked in a variety of offices worldwide.


The participants are newly qualified lawyers.


As always with lawyers there is a need for a short session with high impact and relevance.


We developed a two hour session within a longer programme. The session introduced the model and then explored its practical application:

  • The ITD work style model
  • Choosing your style mix
  • Implications of your style mix
  • Possible limitations
  • Possible opportunities
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Using your personality in BD
  • Communication awareness
  • Mirroring to influence
  • Personal action plans
Personality awareness
Understanding personality can have huge impact on our success

What the client said:

“Great feedback.”

What the participants said:

“Very interesting and relevant, I will look at clients in a different way from now on.”

“Really good session, with loads of relevant examples.”



Why choose ITD for your personality awareness training?

1. We listen to you and create the precise training you require to fulfill your needs.

2. We focus on the participants needs, so right from the start we ask for their learning objectives and their challenges on the day.

3. Our training is a blend of training and coaching, to help participants get what they need from the session.

4. With our unique behavioural change approach we help your people develop realistic strategies which they are very likely to implement.

5. We’ve been working on personality awareness training for over 14 years, so we have a wealth of experience.

6. We follow up on the training with further ideas, emails and tips via our blog.




For an informal chat on your needs for personality awareness training, call +44 (0)800 804 8086, or email


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