Can Finance Training for Non Finance Managers be Interesting? – Case Study
To those people who do not get goose bumps from the mere mention of accruals. And to those who don’t get a quiver from profit and loss statements, Finance Training can be dull. Covering principles of financial accounting is often presented in a dull way. But it is possible to make it interesting. Case Study.

This UK regional law firm is dedicated to developing it’s people and their financial awareness. The firm has fairly large groups of lawyers and paralegals who need to be comfortable with financial principles and terminology, especially when dealing with clients.

Our finance training programme was designed following conversations with the senior finance manager and with a sample of the target audience.

The agenda included; profit and loss statements, invoicing procedures, costs v budgets, balance sheets, overspends, accruals and is outlined at It also included the ITD business game designed and adapted to suit the training needs of the client.

So what did the client say? “The training is part of this firm’s annual programme and achieves consistently high feedback for all participants as well as gaining a reputation in the firm.” Training Manager
What did the participants say? “Interesting & fun!” “Enjoyable and well presented.” “Really well positioned course, with good mix of ideas and interaction.”

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Can Finance Training be interesting & fun?

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