BD for lawyers – internal networking for lawyers tip # 4


How do you meet and greet a client? Firstly you keep an eye on the entrance so that you know when they arrive. As they do you go to them with a smile and a warm hand shake. You organise refreshments for them. You introduce them to a colleague or to a group of colleagues.


You make them feel welcome, you make them feel involved straight away, you get them talking with colleagues or other clients. You make them feel good about the event.


It’s really simple. The challenge is usually that this is not everyday behaviour. So take a deep breath and get on with it. Make it a performance if you like, that is, the same version of you, you draw on when presenting; the performer.


You need to take control and make them feel welcome. They will reward with appreciation and maybe some business.

BD for lawyers – internal networking events tip #4
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