Rotating the chair can make for more effective meetings

Time management – top tip for effective team meetings – rotating chair.
If you always have the same chair of your team meetings there may be an opportunity missed; for team development, for building awareness, for dealing with disruption.


Rotating the chair means that each person gets to see how the meeting looks when you’re supposed to be in control of it. And to see the challenge of being the chair and to gain awareness. Giving the chair to a disruptive person can be a great way to shut them up and at the same time develop their awareness.


For team meeting rotating the chair can be particularly effective. The team leader or manager supports whoever is the chair. Each meeting has a new chair and people are encouraged to behave, as it will be their turn soon!

Try rotating the chair at your meetings and see what impact it has.

Time management – top tip for effective meetings – rotating chair
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