Many people are now required to present as part of their job. This may be in meetings with seniors, where the objective is to persuade or inform. It may be in seminars where the objective is to update or convince. But what is the impact of using notes when delivering a presentation and how can you easily change?
The purpose of using notes is usually to provide the presenter with security. “What if my mind goes blank?”, is the typical comment. The use of notes is to provide the presenter with something to refer to and to give support in terms of what to say.
Looking at two presenters, one who uses notes and one who doesn’t, what is the impact? The one who doesn’t use notes looks like they know their subject better than the other. It may not be the case, but it looks that way.
Using notes may make it feel better, but it doesn’t look better. So what can be done?
Firstly you can use notes, but make the slides your notes. Not with all the detail of every word you might have in your notes, just the key words which will trigger your memory.
You know your subject and with a prompt from your slides you will remember the point you want to talk about, especially if you practice thoroughly.
If you try this tip, you will see how easily it is to go from totally relying on notes to just having the slide. And the impact on your audience will be potentially immense.
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What is the impact of using notes when presenting?
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