We all seem to be working harder. We seem to be given more work, more responsibility and more pressure from internal or external customers. So what are the key influences on our ability to manage our time?
Firstly our personality has a large bearing on our time management. Our personality can drive us to be meticulous with detail, which is good for the quality of work, but can result in slow decision making and delayed decisions. Others can be very driven and make quick decisions, but then have to redo work started too hastily and not planned sufficiently well. Understanding oneself and reflecting on the impact on our personal efficiency is usually a good start.
Taking control of work through planning, as much as is possible, can have an impact. Starting and ending the day with 5 minutes of planning can have a big impact.
Our assertiveness in taking on more work and more responsibility can be crucial. Organisations can push work on their people until pushed back.
Control has a big influence on the impact of managing our work. Can we manage the work flow to some degree? Related to this is the support or otherwise given by our line manager.
Implementation of tips and ideas can make small improvements. Finally having the approach that it is always possible to improve ones personal efficiency.
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The key influences on our ability to manage our time
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