First work on how to avoid de-motivating your team
First work on how to avoid de-motivating your team

Motivation is a big subject. You can go on lots of courses on motivation. We do training courses on motivation. But what is a really good tip for motivating your team? First don’t de-motivate them.

It’s so easy to do and yet we spend little time on it. We certainly wouldn’t go on a course titled ‘how to avoid de-motivating your team’. And yet.

How to de-motivate your team?

Try setting their expectations and then not meeting them. Tell them you’ll have a one to one with them every month, then don’t. Miss one, then miss another. This tells them your priorities are elsewhere and not them.

Don’t create a personal development plan with them. This shows their development is of no interest to you.

Don’t praise them when they do something well.

You get the idea. It’s really easy to do. So before wondering how to motivate someone, first work out how to avoid de-motivating them.

Motivation – how to motivate your team

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