Understanding personality can have huge impact on our success
Understanding personality can have huge impact on our success

ITD work style model


There are many models for understanding personality at work. We use Thomas International if a full blown psychometric report is required. There are many others, and they are all based on Carl Jung’s 16 personality factors.


The ITD work style model, is a tool for understanding personality which is quick to learn and easy to apply. We divide work personality into four key traits; conceptual, social, analytical and direct. We each have more or less of each of these, which then drives our personality at work and behaviours.


Conceptuals; like change, enjoy variety, don’t like routine, or form filling. Have enthusiasm, like working with people and really like new challenges and solving problems.


Socials; have to work with people, do not want to work in isolation. Helpful, friendly, warm, open and curious. Focus on people and creating network and friends.


Analyticals; quality driven, with great attention to detail, enjoy expertise and specialisation. Focus on the work and doing it well. May take a while over decisions.


Directs; driven, comfortable with decision making, focused on goals. Less sensitive with others. Good at getting things done, but impatient.


Understanding our own work personality and then those of the people around us such as colleagues, managers, clients, can really help.


More detail on each style in future posts.

ITD Work style model to understand personalities at work

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