We all have our own work style

We all have our own personality. At work we have a work personality or work style which may be the same or slightly different. There are many models which help us to describe this personality. At ITD we have worked on developing the work style model. This looks at four main characteristics present at work; Direct, Social, Conceptual & Analytical. We tend to have more or less of each one of these and a combination of several.
Direct means goal focussed, determined, impatient, driven, decisive and efficient. Social means a good team player, interested in people, thoughtful, observant, helpful and supportive. Conceptual means strategic, problem solver, creative, bored easily, and friendly. Analytical means detailed, careful, accurate, process driven and produces high quality work.
Each quality is nice to have and there are no right or wrongs, but there are also negatives or down sides to each. Direct can be uninterested in other people, insensitive and rude. Social can be easily distracted, poor at achieving deadlines, unassertive and forgetful. Conceptual can be poor at finishing through being distracted by new projects, or dreaming of new ideas. Analytical can be too rigid, insensitive, and not open to new ways of working.
Being aware of our own work style can give us insight to help with our interpersonal work dynamics. Being aware of other people’s work style can help us to understand and adapt to their way of doing things.

Tips and ideas on working with different personalities or work styles
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