What is Peer to Peer (or P2P) leadership and how can it help? P2P leadership is a relatively new way of thinking about how teams and organisations can be lead. It counteracts the traditional hierarchical leadership model which most organisations employ.

P2P leadership recognises that information is available to almost anyone, almost anywhere and therefore it is better to collaborate in your organisation that try to dictate.

P2P leadership is about listening to all parts of the organisation. Listening to people’s observations, thoughts and opinions. It is about accessing knowledge from each and every individual to gain a truer perspective on the reality in the organisation.

P2P leadership treats each individual in the organisation as having a perspective and knowledge, and therefore a specific value.

Leadership in the P2P definition is all about collaboration. It is about connecting with as many touch points or ‘nodes’ as possible to give a better perspective. P2P leadership expects each person to share their knowledge and view point for the benefit of all those interested.

This approach really changes how leadership can be viewed, from a hierarchical standpoint to a collaborative view. If you’re a leader ask yourself who do you go to, to get information about how things happen and what’s going on? Who don’t you ask? Who do you never talk with? Do you rely on direct reports or do you go a lot wider?

Peer to Peer Leadership
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