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Time management tip – prioritisation

Nasty tasks! We all get things to do from time to time which we perceive to be nasty. This could be filing, form filling or a difficult conversation. Whatever it is, we consider it nasty. So we leave it. We don’t do it now because we don’t want to. We will do it latter, not sure when later, but not now. And when later arrives we won’t do it then either. Whilst we are not doing this nasty task it festers. It becomes more complex, more dull or more nasty. It grows into a very nasty task, taking up more time and therefore needing to be put off until we have more time. And it takes up a little time now in worrying about how nasty it is.

So what’s the tip? Do the nasty thing first. Do it now. Don’t even add it to your to do list, just do it.

Get it done and get it gone!

The more we procrastinate over nasty tasks the worse they get. So when a nasty task arrives, just get it done. Prioritise nasty first.

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Time management tip – prioritisation