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Time management tip – keep it small!

We’d all like a big idea to help our time management. That will have huge impact immediately. An idea so profound that it will change the way we work, mean we can leave on time, reduce stress to zero and create time for everything we need to do.

Back to the real world. By looking at the way we work and identifying areas for improvement it is possible to make small incremental changes. These changes may only have small impacts on our time and our efficiency. Perhaps with the impact of only a few minutes here and there. But these few minutes add up. If we improve our use of time just slightly we can make an impact over the course of a year. And if we keep looking for these small changes, and make them, we can make a bigger impact by the end of the year.

Imagine if we cold make small improvement in how meetings were run, our management of emails, interactions with colleagues, project activity, interruptions etc. Each change may have a small impact, but taken together they may represent significant improvement in our efficiency.


Time management tip – keep it small!

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