professional project management training

Professional Project Management Training

This one day professional project management training course includes instruction from the trainer on your project. In one day there is enough time to cover the key topics in some depth. This is ideal for those people who have projects as part of their role but who cannot invest more than a day in training on the subject.

This course has you working on your own projects through the day. Ideas from the workshop are applied to your projects with discussion and coaching. So improving your approach to project management is easy. You will finish the day with a good understanding of project management principles and how they apply to your projects.

Virtual or Live

The workshop can be run as a virtual traiin session on zoom or your prefered platform, or as a live clasroom activity.


  • Give people key ideas on project planning and management.
  • Review the key problems which can happen with projects in your organisation.
  • Give ideas on what to do before you start a project.
  • Give ideas on how to start a project.
  • Apply them to your project.
  • Discuss challenges with the your project.
  • Give ideas on how to manage people involved in your project.
  • Give ideas on how to plan for possible unforeseen situations in your project.


This is an overview of the agenda for our One Day Project Management Training. The agenda is tailored to suit your needs.

  • Personal challenges with Project Management.
  • What is a project?
  • Hidden projects that are in your organisation.
  • How to identify projects even when they are hidden.
  • What to do when you spot a project. (How to not panic!)
  • Fundamentals of project planning.
  • Participants use our project planning tool on their smartphone, pc or tablet to work on their project in the training.
  • The 5 Ps of project management:
    • Purpose – yours & the organisation’s.
    • People – involved & impacted, managing expectations.
    • Processes – Milestones & Tasks. How to use tools like Basecamp and Gantt charts.
    • Planning – When to & how to.
    • Pricing – internal costs and budgets.
  • Communication in a project.
  • Top 3 reasons why projects falter.
  • How to make sure projects do not take longer than expected.
  • Ideas applied to your project.
  • Discussion of your project.
  • Review of your challenges.
  • Personal action plans.
project management training
The professional project management training uses our online planning tool


This professional project management training is suitable for anyone who manages projects as part of their role, no matter how small.


The training is a one day workshop, wihc is run in one day if live and split into two separate half day sessions if virtual.

Pre workshop

  • Read the project management training course outline.
  • Complete a one page questionnaire.
  • Bring along details of a recent, current, or future project.

Follow up actions

  • Participants recieve a pdf copy of the workbook.
  • Follow up email with personal actions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants leave the workshop with a list of personal actions related to their learning needs.
  • Basic awareness of key principles of project management.
  • Good understanding of how to apply the ideas to their projects.
  • Personal actions to put into practice immediately.


  • Up to 12 people per workshop.
  • In house training.
  • Workshop with group discussion and 1 to 1 coaching.

Professional Project Management Training Workshop Style

  • Presentation of ideas.
  • Explanation of ideas.
  • Discuss ideas.
  • Apply ideas to your project.
  • Discuss problems that may arise.
  • Summary of each project management idea.

Tailored to your needs

If you have specific needs for the training, or if you would like us to focus on key aspects of project management in the training then we can do this. We can discuss with you what your needs are and adapt the training course to fit these requirements at no extra cost.

Benefits of our professional project management training

Benefits of this one day project management skills training course:

  • Better project planning.
  • Better project management.
  • How to identify work as a project.
  • Learn the principles of project management.
  • You will be working on your project through the day.
  • Discuss your project with the trainer.
  • Get coaching on your project management skills.
  • Work whilst you learn.


The price of your professional project management training depends on how many people you need to train, the length of the training you require, the level of complexity you require, your location and other factors.  Please contact us for the price of your project management training.

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