Managing a Virtual / Matrix Team

This is a hi-tech diverse business with international offices.


The business has centralised functions including training to offer services to the varied businesses in the group.


The need came from people who were based in various businesses, with a common requirement to better manage project teams internationally.


We put together a training workshop which allowed each participant to bring their projects into the session. This lead to the participants discussing the very practical challenges and successes they had with each project across the region.

The participants applied the ideas reviewed in the training to their projects and them implemented them after the session.

The training included a variety of learning methodologies including a practical business game, where two teams compete in a project to achieve shared goals.


The main outcomes of this session were to:

  • Give ideas on how to manage people in matrix project situations
  • Apply ideas to actual participant projects
  • Review participants challenges & develop possible solutions
  • Produce a personal action plan

Participant Feedback

“Enjoyable, interesting and fun with balance between formal discussion, small group activity and the project task on the 2nd day.”

Client Comment

“The feedback we received was excellent.”