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Personality At Work

Our Personality at Work training uses the ITD Work Styles Model. This is a personality model which focusses solely on behaviours at work. It was designed by us to be easy to understand and simple to apply.


Allan McDougall Solicitors has one of Scotland’s largest personal injury teams, a market-leading employment law team and a highly experienced family law team. They have offices spread across Edinburgh and the Lothians. Together, these service a much wider geographical area. Namely the whole of Scotland.

Proud though they are of the many industry awards won over the years, they take the most satisfaction from feedback received from clients and the fact that many other law firms refer clients to them. They also serve many personal injury claimants sent to us by Unite and Usdaw, two of the UK’s largest trade unions.


The firm required a thought provoking session as part of their annual development retreat. Working with many clients and lawyers, the role of personality is very important on day to day work. The need was to provide a framework to give the Allan McDougall team a simple tool to use everyday.


We designed a two-hour session which involved each person completing a short online questionnaire. This was reviewed by each person in the session with reflection encouraged through discussion with colleagues.


1.How does Personality impact on work?

2.ITD Work Styles Model.

3.Position on the model.

4.Reflect on the implications of different work styles.

5.Reflect on our perceptions compared to those of others.

6.How to work with other work styles.

7.Personal actions.


Two hours with a short pre-session online questionnaire.


Each participant engaged with the content and left with at least one action to implement in their everyday work.

Client Comment

“Martin worked with our team in a 2 hour session on ‘Personality at Work’. He was an engaging and interesting speaker. The whole team enjoyed the session and came away with tips that will be useful in daily interactions with clients, opponents and colleagues.”

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