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Personality at Work

The Pankhurst Trust brings together Manchester Women’s Aid and the Pankhurst Centre. They work together to ensure the powerful story of the women who won the vote continues to inspire us all to challenge gender inequality, and to ensure that those suffering from domestic violence and abuse get the confidential help they need.


The senior leadership team consists of all the senior positions in the organisation, from finance, hr and service delivery. The team are all very experienced and highly committed to the goals and values of the organization. They also care passionately about working in the charitable sector.


The specific need was to give the team an opportunity to reflect on the importance and impact of personalities at work. And to give them a language and set of tools to use in their day to day work.


We created a short full day session going from 9:30pm to 16:00pm. The workshop covered three main areas. reflecting on your own personality and the impact that this has on you work. How personality impacts your working with colleagues. And thirdly how other people’s personalities impact work and communication.


The workshop was full of lively discussion and debate. Each person left with at least one action to reflect on or implement.

Participant Feedback

“Very thought provoking, thank you.”

“I thought I new this, but I learnt something.”


Client Comment

“We will be exploring the idea of rolling this out to the next level of line managers.”

Personality at work
Personality at Work Training
developing confidence training
Developing Confidence Training

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