Leadership and management training

Leadership and management training from ITD is focussed on helping managers with practical tips and ideas for every day situations.

At ITD we’ve been training leaders and managers for more than twelve years. We deliver thought provoking, practical leadership and management training based on our clients’ needs.

Leadership and management training with ITD

Leadership and management training is essential for leaders at all levels. Leaders need to know when to lead and when to manage. Different challenges require different approaches. Leadership and management training will help your leaders improve their performance and that of their teams.

What is leadership and management training?

Leadership and management training with uses the following definition. The difference between management and leadership,  is that where leadership is concerned with the culture of an organisation or a team, management is concerned with the detailed behaviours of the members of that organisation, or team. Both have an impact on performance and results.

Many Managers or Team Leaders tend to manage far more than they lead. Whilst effective in some situations, managing can sometimes not provide a long term solution.

Leadership looks at the underlying reasons why there is an issue, whereas management looks straight to a solution. So where management tends to deal with visible impact, leadership deals with the underlying issues.

Typical challenges of participants on our leadership and management training sessions

  • “I am new to team leadership and want to get some practical tips and ideas.”
  • “I am interested to see what the impact of both leadership and management can have.”
  • “I seem to go from one crisis to the next and I feel I am always fire fighting. I would like to see if there are ways to change this.”

How will we develop leadership and management training for you?

1. We’ll discuss the reasons why you think leadership and management training could help your organisation. We’ll talk about your managers, their experience, their goals, the requirements of their role and your perception of their expectations. We’ll discuss the outcomes you would like to see. And if you agree, we’ll also talk to some of your managers to get their thoughts and views.

2. We then design a programme of training which will achieve your goals. This may be as simple as a half day session, or it could be a three day workshop, or series of one day workshops.

3. We’ll agree how to measure the success of your investment and how ITD works with you to embed the learning and reinforce ideas gained in the training.


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Leadership & management training overview

The following details will give you an idea of what can be included in leadership and management training from ITD. The actual agenda will be designed around your specific needs.

Who is this training for?

Anyone in a management or leadership role, which can include team leaders, managers, senior managers, directors, senior directors, or board members.

How long will it last?

Two days is typical but we have delivered half day sessions and three day workshops. It depends on the objectives for the training and what you want the participants to get from it.

In which country could the training take place?

Wherever you want it. We deliver training in many countries across the world from US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East & Australasia.


Where can the training take place?

You can have the training wherever you like. This may be in your offices, a nearby hotel or conference centre, or we can help find a suitable location.

What is included in a typical agenda

  • Introduction & objectives.
  • Personal challenges.
  • Leadership & management defined.
  • Are our challenges about management or leadership?
  • When do we need to lead and when do we need to manage?
  • Why we lead and why we manage?
  • Models of leadership.
  • Models of management.
  • Setting the foundations for successful leadership and management.
  • Difficult situations.
  • Personal situations.
  • Different strategies for different situations.
  • Practice scenarios.
  • Feedback & learning.
  • Personal action plans.

Leadership and management training from ITD improves performance

What are the typical outcomes?

Participants gain the following:

  1. A clear idea of the differences of leading and managing and when each is appropriate.
  2. Practical ideas to help with their personal challenges.
  3. How to get the fundamentals right, that so many managers forget.
  4. Practice on how to lead and in how to manage n a wide variety of situations.

Participants complete a short questionnaire on the challenges they face in their role.

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Leadership and management training case study


Global Collect started in 1994 as a division of TNT in order to add value to its distribution services by enabling international publishers to invoice worldwide as well as to accept payments in local currencies.  As a result, Global Collect managed to establish a unique worldwide financial network, which enabled customers to outsource their entire collection and reconciliation process.


Hoofddorp near Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The management level included both Team Leaders and Vice Presidents. As the business grows the challenges for these people in terms of both managing and leading increases.


To give the participants clear ideas on the difference and impact of leadership and management.


We developed a programme using a blend of instruction, discussion, team activities and practice.


Introductions & objectives

Challenges of being a leader

Session 1 – Leadership & Management –  How can we differentiate between the two? What are the implications? Leadership issues & Management issues Best Leader, Best Manager

Session 2 – Personal Leadership Style – What is our personal style of leadership? The reports; introduction, how to read them and understand their implications Personal leadership style model

Session 3 – Team Culture – What is the culture in the team? How can we be sure we know what the culture is today and what impact this has on efficiency? Implementing the company culture.

Session 4 – Motivation – What motivates & de-motivates us? How can we keep the team motivated?


Leadership and management training improves performance


By the end of the workshop participants had:

  • Considered their definition of leadership & management and the implications of these
  • Reflected on their role as a leader
  • Considered how to create the ‘right’ culture
  • Developed individual action plans

What the participants said

  • “I have implemented the ideas from the training and my life has completely changed. Before I was working late all the time, I was very stressed. Now everything organised much better, my team are motivated and I am very happy with my role.”
  • “Excellent training.”



Why choose ITD for your Leadership & Management Training?

1. We will listen to you and design the training to suit your needs and those of the participants, so you get exactly what you need.

2. If you want practical training which gives you realistic ideas for everyday situations, then we will be the right choice for you.

3. ITD training consultants are all experienced people with practical knowlegde of the subject, so you get ideas based on what we’ve seen work.

4. We have a behavioural change expert who helps us to create training focussed on outputs, or actions, not just learning.

5. If you’re looking for training which will fit your budget, then our flexible approach to fees will be just what you need.

6. We support learning with during the session plus follow up emails and telephone calls to support your people.


Call us now on +44 (0)800 804 8086 for a chat on how leadership and management training could help your organisation.


Leadership and management training
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