Copy of Students LaughingWorking with different people can be challenging, none more so that than the conceptual because at face value they are friendly and enthusiastic but the conceptual can struggle with a number of work situations.

Completing work is not always a strength for a Conceptual. Whilst they can be brilliant at coming up with ideas and starting a project with infectious enthusiasm, when it comes to completing the project they can struggle. The project becomes dull, boring and repetitive to them. Other projects are much more interesting.
So if we’re working with a Conceptual we need to be prepared to re-motivate them towards the end of a project.
Ideas that may prove useful include:
1. Have a meeting to agree actions to complete the project, almost as a mini project in itself. Project X Completion, ensuring success…
2. Pose the completion of the project as a problem that needs solving because that is a Conceptual’s strength; ‘How are we going to ensure we tie this project up?’
3. Position the project as a case study which can be used as a template for future projects ‘It would be good if we could use this project as a template, but how?
4. Offer other projects which can only be started once this is complete.

Working with conceptual people can be inspiring and frustrating!

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