virtual training courses
Our virtual training courses are run as engaging workshops

Virtual Training Courses

In this new world our virtual training courses are a great way to support people in all types of organisations. That’s because we make them engaging as well as very useful.

We’ve been delivering training for over twenty years and virtual training for over ten. Which means we are experienced in getting the right result.

We deliver work skills training sessions on a variety of personal development subjects. And we can develop bespoke training at a surpisingly low cost. So that you get exactly the training you need.

The session length and content can be adapted to suit your needs. The same goes for the duration and what time of day it is delivered, as we run sessions in all time zones across the world. This all means you get superb training that fulfills your needs.

Feedback speaks for itself

One of the many questions you may have about our virtual training courses is, do they work? To answer this just take a look at our reviews, from participants of our virtual training.

Course titles

The following courses are available for you to purchase.We tailor each one to fit your needs, which is why we are also able to offer a complete course design service. If you have a work skills virtual training need that is not covered below, just contact us to see how we can create the session for you.

Virtual Presentation Skills Training
Virtual Presentation Skills Training
Virtual Management Training
Virtual Management Training
managing remote employees training
Managing Remote Employees Training
virtual project management training
Virtual Project Management Training
Training using Personality
virtual teamwork training
Virtual Teamwork Training
Nudge Sales Training
Nudge Sales Training
working from home
WFH Time Management Training

Workshop style sessions

All of our virtual training courses are run as workshops. That means they are engaging, with participants involved from the very start.

We make them engaging because when people are engaged, they learn more quickly and readily. Doing things this way means we and you get the feedback we really want from our training.

The wodkhop style means participants are active throughout the session. We do this with direct questions, exercises, small group work and role plays where appropriate. The result is a great learning environment which gives great learning outcomes. 

Participant numbers

We run sessions for individuals all the way to groups of forty. Which means the content has to be adapatable. But what is the impact of the different group sizes?

With a small group of up to twelve we can make sure everyone is engaged, which means they have a number of chances to ask questions and be given tasks.

When we work with larger group of twenty and above the engagement is different. The feedback is still good but the engagement is less direct, because the participants are observing more than asking questions and responding to questions.

Our advice would be to keep the group size to a maximum of twelve if you can, as the results will be better and the feedback more positive.

Participants can be from all over the world
Participants can be from all over the world

Outcomes of the training

We started designing and delivering virtual training courses in 2010. And we noticed staright away that whilst virtual training is not as fun and there is less chance for networking, it works. That is, learning happens.

We noticed that participants’ action points from the training were very similar to those from live sessions. This is because the courses are run in a workshop style with interaction and discussion.


You may well be thinking that there is a need to keep virtual training courses short. That’s because people have a limited attnetion span and they will drift away if they have to listen for more than a certain time. You may well think that one hour is enough.

This is probably be true when participants are just listening. But in our sessions they are not. They are engaged, discussing, wokring on tasks and in small break out groups. This engagement is key to the success of our courses. And the reason why training can be as long as three and a half hours long.

We run sessions from one hour to three and a half hours. They all work because we tailor the content to suit and the delivery methods.


Engagement is key to the success of running virtual training courses, that’s why we encourage a little pre-work, before the session. For example participants can go to our online personality questionnaire as a useful reflective tool for lots of our courses.

virtual training workshops
Virtual training courses need to be engaging all the way through

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